Opening Times

Open Days

The museum is open

every second Sunday (OPEN DAYS)

from 10:30am to 4pm (last admission at 3pm)


Sunday 14th January - Cancer Awareness (NEW)

Sunday 11th February - Military Day (TBC)

Sunday 10th March - South Yorkshire Heritage Day

Sunday 14th April - Emergency Day (NEW) NESM + others

Sunday 21st April - Autojumble

(Extra event - Admission costs may vary)

Sunday 11th/12th May - Modellers Weekend

Sunday 9th June - Bicycles day and Happy 65th Birthday 904

Sunday 14th July - Autojumble - Bring a Classic!

SUNDAY 21ST JULY - joint event with SYTT - 50 years of SYPTE and 30 years of the Sheffield Supertram

Sunday 11th August - Steampunk 

Sunday 8th September - Running Day SYTM and SYTT

Sunday 13th October - Happy Birthday SYTM (NEW)

26th/27th October - Minibeast and Manbeast (NEW)

Sunday 10th November - Remembrance Day

Sunday 8th December - Winter Wonderland and 1940's Christmas

Open Day themes subject to change.

Keep checking our website for latest updates.

Open Day Shuttle Bus Times

Platform C1

Rotherham Interchange

10.45 to the museum

11.45 to the museum

12.45 to the museum

13.45 to the museum

14.45 to the museum

15.45 to the museum

Admission Charges

(updated 22/03/2023)

Adult: £7.00

Accompanied Children (under 16): FREE

Senior Citizen: £5.00

Concessions: £5.00

SYTM Members: FREE

Click HERE for Membership information

Card payments accepted.

Visiting classic vehicles - Admission Chargers

Driver - £3.00

Passengers - pay appropriate admission fees as above

Open Day Shuttle Bus Times

from the Museum

10.30 to Rotherham Interchange

11.30 to Rotherham Interchange

12.30 to Rotherham Interchange

13.30 to Rotherham Interchange

14.30 to Rotherham Interchange

15.30 to Rotherham Interchange (Last bus)

Group Visits (No minimum group size)

Visits can be arranged outside the opening times stated above, click HERE for details.

School Visits

Please see our Education page for details.

Getting Here

Click HERE for location map, driving directions and public transport connections.