South Yorkshire Transport Museum, a registered charity relies on the help of its volunteers to keep it running.

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers to the museum.

Please note that volunteers must be over 18 years of age and joined as a member of the museum.

Would you like to help?

You don’t need to have knowledge of vehicles as there are plenty of other jobs to do.

We need people to help with school visits during the day: we also attend various public shows and events (weeknights or weekends) and need support for this.

Could you help with archiving and the necessary paperwork that goes with it?

Could you help to clean and decorate our heritage buses when they go out on hire?

Could you help with visitors on open days?

Could you help to keep the museum clean and tidy?

If you think you can help, please contact us

Thank you



What comes to mind when you think of a transport museum?

Big boys with big and expensive toys?  Well, it is about far more than just men with oil on their hands and in their veins; indeed, the notion that it is only for men has been consigned to history.

There is, of course, plenty of activity centred on vehicles and SYTM has been, and still is, the scene of many splendid restoration projects.  You may feel like tackling an ambitious restoration project, and enjoying the tremendous sense of achievement as your efforts bear fruit, or you may prefer something less taxing.  Some enjoy ownership of an individual project; others may find it more comfortable to work in a small team.

You may want to bring your own vehicle into the Museum and work on it (space permitting), or simply display it.  Alternatively, you may prefer to work on a vehicle which is owned by the Museum, or by someone else.  Possibilities abound.

However, there are many other benefits which may be less obvious, but which are important.  The importance of keeping physically and mentally active in retirement, and having company, are well documented, and South Yorkshire Transport Museum is an ideal centre.  Many older folk see it as an opportunity to keep using, and passing on, their skills after they retire, and to keep fit and active in the process, whilst many people, of whatever age, relish learning new skills.  Others like the idea of a hobby with a difference, or the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile, or of putting something into the community, while for some people, the social aspect is important.  You do not need to be Arnold Schwartsenegger (or Charles Atlas:- remember him?) or Einstein to find a niche in the Museum.   

Some vehicles, buses in particular, are active on hire work, and this, of course, requires drivers (manual gearbox PCV licence and CPC), conductors, cleaners and maintenance personnel to maintain this important source of income. The Museum also uses a showbus for outreach work, and this requires several people to man it, although the driver does not need to have a PCV licence. From time to time, other Museum vehicles attend outside events.

So much for vehicles, but there are many other activities involved in running SYTM, because we are a MUSEUM and not a garage, so keep your horizons broad.  For instance, a wide range of equipment is necessary for the running of the Museum, ranging from delicate instruments to things like lifting gear, compressed air system and electrical installations, and it all has to be serviced and in some cases tested.  The building itself has to be kept clean, tidy and safe, and this does not happen by itself.

The Museum is blessed with an impressive collection of archives and artefacts, some of which are of high value.  In addition to the clear obligation to look after what has been entrusted to us, SYTM, as an Accredited Museum, must ensure that all of these are accurately documented, advantageously located, suitably housed, cleaned, maintained and sometimes sensitively restored.  A wide range of activity and skill is involved, from delicate repair techniques to a willingness to carry out the “bug patrol” to ensure one aspect of the required security.  An Accredited Museum has to maintain an extensive portfolio of policies and procedures, so there is plenty of activity which is more academic than physical.

SYTM has monthly Open Days, requiring staff for the café and shop, as well as members to move vehicles and furniture, act as guides, answer questions and generally make visitors welcome.  First aiders are valued, too.  Additionally, there are frequent visiting parties, especially from schools, and helpers (and usually a driver with a PCV licence) are needed for these.

As well as being an interesting hobby, SYTM is a business, so there are functions like administration, advertising, fund raising, et cetera, and we are always on the lookout for those who will eventually serve as trustees.  We are all volunteers, so why  not drop in on a Tuesday or Saturday, talk to us and see what goes on?  There is probably a place for you.

T.D. Miller (SYTM President)

Please contact us at museum@sytm.co.uk for more information.