GWJ 724 - AEC Regent I

Bodywork: Sheffield Corporation

Original owner: Sheffield Transport, (as bus, Fleet No. 462)

Year: 1941, (rebuilt as gritter G54: 1959)

Part of Museum Collection

First registered in April 1941, GWJ 724 became fleet number 462 in the Corporation-owned 'A' fleet.  It lasted as a bus until 1959 when it was converted into a gritting vehicle, reallocated to the miscellaneous fleet as G54.  It served for 19 years as a gritting vehicle working from the Greenland Road depot.  It is a particularly important part of the Sheffield bus scene as it is the last survivor of a small number of bodies built in Sheffield Corporation's own workshops at Queens Road.

After withdrawal from service by the PTE in 1978, G54 was acquired for preservation.  It was initially stored outside the local area but returned home when the Sheffield Bus Museum was founded in 1987.  A cosmetic restoration was undertaken in the late 1980s, in which condition it is seen today.  It is used to house our HLF-funded model of Tinsley Tram sheds as well as a display explaining what gritting wagons were used for.