6330 WJ - AEC Regent V

Bodywork: Roe

Original owner: Sheffield JOC, Fleet No. 1330

Year: 1960

Part of Museum collection

No. 1330 entered service with the Sheffield Joint Omnibus Committee on 1st January 1960.  Built with folding platform doors operated by the conductor, the whole batch, numbered 1325-49 was intended for use on the longer services into Derbyshire and other services over the city boundary.  After a few years the buses were relegated to normal city services, where conductors and passengers alike looked on the platform doors with dismay.

After withdrawal from passenger service in 1971, 1330 was chosen as the bus to exchange for OWE 116 that was operating in Sevenoaks.  The latter was an ex-Sheffield AEC Regent III which was to return to Sheffield for preservation.  1330 itself also returned to Sheffield for preservation in 1978.

No. 1330 is awaiting restoration.