Tram 460

Bodywork: Cravens Railway Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd.

Original owner: Sheffield Corporation Tramways, Fleet No. 460

Year: 1926

Part of Museum Collection

One of an order for fifty double-deck tramcars, 460 was built by Cravens at Darnall, Sheffield.  The seating was originally wooden but later the cars were equipped with upholstered seats, 460 being so treated in April 1939.  No.460 had an uneventful life, surviving the Blitz on Sheffield in December 1940 undamaged.

Withdrawn from service in February 1950 and stored at Tinsley Tram Sheds until 1951, the car was dismantled at Tinsley with the lower and upper saloons being disposed of separately.  The lower saloon was used on a farm in Lincolnshire.

The lower body was generously donated to the Museum by Mr and Mrs K S Jacklin of Susworth near Scunthorpe and returned to South Yorkshire in May 1987.  Longitudinal wooden seating has been installed on one side and some restoration work carried out. The saloon currently houses a display including a model of Tram 460.