KWE 255 - AEC Regent III

Bodywork: Sheffield Transport (as grit wagon)

Original owner: Sheffield Transport (as Weymann double-deck bus, Fleet No. 255)

Year: 1948, (rebuilt as gritter c1960)

Part of Museum Collection

KWE 255 was one of a large number of buses ordered to renew and boost the fleet after the Second World War.  The Weymann body was of all-metal construction with a large amount of varnished wood trim in the interior.  Part of the 'A' fleet, 255 was a regular performer on the 'outer circle' route.

After a 12-year service life, 255 went into the Queens Road central works for conversion into a gritting/emergency vehicle.  Out-shopped and re-allocated to the miscellaneous fleet in 1961, it became G55.  Mostly used in the winter period for gritting roads used by buses, this vehicle was based at Leadmill Road until 1978 when it was withdrawn from service.

Initially acquired by a local scrap dealer, G55 was soon purchased by local preservationists.  The vehicle has received a full restoration, including a major gearbox overhaul.